Reliability and technical competence have always been the philosophy of Officine Valbusa, which today boasts over thirty years of experience in the construction of mechanical mandrels.

Officine Valbusa was born from the initiative of its founder, Mr. Franco, in the year quickly becoming a point of reference for the production of standard and special tool holder spindles based on the customer's design.
With the handover to his sons Claudio and Nicola, Officine Valbusa, exploiting the ten-year know-how acquired in the turning and grinding processes, extends its field of application to the production of mechanical components for plants, machine tools and the manufacturing sector.
Tradition and innovation are the strengths of a company that is always in step with the times, under the banner of continuous improvement, in the construction of mechanical parts with high technological content and with millesimal tolerances.
Punctuality of delivery, high quality standard and customer assistance make Officine Valbusa a highly qualified supplier for customers looking for consolidated technical partnerships.

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